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What exactly is Etherplay?

Etherplay is a skill game platform where players compete for highscores while playing fun little games. Similar to arcade machines, players pay a small fee to enjoy some fun time. The twist is that you get some money back if your score is among the highest.

Thanks to Ethereum, Etherplay is able to ensure transparency and fairness among our players. You can rest assured that only your skill matters. Everyone has a chance.

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is both a technology where the name come from and a social community based around that technology. It is a set of computer that cooperate to ensure honest execution of a set of rules. Some describe it as an attempt to build a world’s computer. Some see it as an upgrade from Bitcoin which sole purpose was the transfer of money. With Ethereum, you can build much more complex applications.

Why use it?

It allows us to build a transparent and verifiable system. You can be sure that players are all treated equals and if we at Etherplay were trying to bend the rules, this would be visible to the whole world.

It also provide several advantages to our players in comparison to other skill game platforms. Players do not need to deposit money on our system and they get automatically paid out when winning.

Another advantage not visible is that it simplify our system to a great extent making it secure by default.

How can I get Ether to play?

In order to play games on Etherplay, you will indeed need some ether. In order to get some you will need an ethereum address that you can get by using one of the available wallet. Metamask which serves also as an ethereum browser can be used for storing your ether but you can also use dedicated wallet like Jaxx.

Once you get a wallet you will have an ethereum address that you can transfer ether to. In order to do so you can use different services to buy from, like, (only email-verification), (verification needed) or Kraken (verification needed)

What is an ethereum browser?
An ethereum browser is the equivalent of a web browser for the applications running on ethereum. You can think of it as a web browser with your accounts built-in. With it you can use applications without the need to login ever. Everytime an application want to make you use your ether you will get a confirmation dialog to do so. You can use Metamask, Mist or soon Status (for mobile).
How do I get my rewards?
Thanks to Ethereum, winning players get rewarded automatically. There is no need to withdraw nor is there a need for a minimum ammount.
What games Etherplay is going to have?
The type of games we are planning to release at first is simple action-type games. Let us know what you would like to play.
Any more Questions?
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Who are we?

Based in Dundee, Scotland.

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